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Brilliant Babies is one of Australia's leading baby gift stores. We provide a range of unique baby gifts with an emphasis on Australian made baby presents. Brilliant Babies has been operating for over 8 years, during which we have helped hundreds of customers find the perfect baby gift for babies and toddlers aged 0-4 years. We have lots of great baby gift ideas which have proven very popular with all sorts of special occasions including Baby Showers, the birth of a new born, christenings, baptisms as well as babies and toddlers birthdays.

Our beautiful Australian Animal prints are a big hit with parents looking for easy ways to brighten their baby’s nursery. With a range of 8 different characters framed in bright colours, the prints are easy to hang and make a great addition to the Nursery. Arrange them in sets of 2 or 3 for a great effect.

 Our range of Baby Einstein DVDs and Brainy Baby DVDs are great as they offer an educational component to Playtime. Working on the “Mozart Effect” which stimulates babies’ brains through classical music and beautiful images, the Baby Einstein and Brainy Baby DVDs have proven to be enjoyable for both babies and parents. We also have a great selection of baby toys, baby nursery blankets, gift baskets and baby books. Books designed for babies and toddlers are always a favourite when gift giving. Brilliant Babies offer a full range of Australia’s best selling baby books including children’s books by Mem Fox, Kerry Argents, One Woolly Wombat and Blossom Possum as well as other great titles. Brilliant Babies offers fast postage and secure payment options to ensure your privacy and safety when shopping online.  

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