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First-time mothers don't always have a complete stock of baby gear on hand. This is one reason why female friends traditionally host a shower before the new baby's arrival. Here at Brilliant Babies, you will find a wonderful selection of baby shower gifts that are sure to please any mom-to-be.

Baby showers are hen parties with a purpose. The purpose is to celebrate the mum-to-be while stocking the nursery with wonderful and useful and fanciful things. We offer all of these right here on our Brilliant Babies website. We specialise in educational entertainment that is made right here in beautiful Australia. Our kids are more brilliant than we realize, able to detect patterns and learn from a very young age. Brilliant Babies is pleased to present a sweet selection of toys, gifts, nursery items and video entertainment designed with your child's intelligence in mind. It is important to stimulate an infant's little brain with good information and gentle feelings. Classical music may help children absorb information. For that reason (and the aesthetics, too) educational DVDs in the Baby Einstein series play an assortment of music by such composers as Schubert, Schumann and Strauss.

If you shop at an ordinary baby shower gifts store, you will buy ordinary gifts. While it is wonderful to give the expectant mum things she and her baby can use, nappies and bottles and blankets are sure to arrive at the shower table in great profusion. Be the special auntie who thought ahead and brought educational entertainment as baby shower gifts. We offer mostly Australian-made gifts and accessories. Purchase today by credit card, and your Australia Post delivery will be there in about two weeks. You may pay by cheque, and we'll ship as soon as it clears. Yes, we ship to most overseas addresses. Expect delivery approximately 22 days from purchase date.
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